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Welcome to the demo of my first full-length game, Fleshport.

In this horror-adventure game, you play as a child lost in a parallel dimension where cannibalism is a normal facet of every day life and outsiders are on the menu.

You must flee, hide, and misdirect various threats as you find your way to a portal that will deliver you back home.

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  1. You may not sell or redistribute illegal [unpaid for] copies of the game.
  2. You may not sell or redistribute assets (e.g. artwork, sound effects, music) owned by Zentient®.
  3.  Third party assets belong to their respective owners. You may only use them as implied in their respective terms of use.
  4.  If you make a "let's play" of the game, please have a link to this page available in the description. Thank you!
  5. The game cannot be refunded. Please play the demo so that you know the game works on your computer and that you're interested in playing more of it!
  6. Zentient® is not liable for any damages as the result of downloading or playing the game.

Updated 4 days ago
Published 11 days ago
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAtmospheric, Exploration, Horror, Immersive, Pixel Art, Psychological Horror, Spooky, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Absolutely love what I've seen so far... The story, foreshadowing, subtlety, and world building  is great and I can't wait to play the complete version. The concept is creepy on its own and you managed to execute it both effectively and creatively. 


Thank you, Annie! :D


Intriguing and creepy - I like it! Looking forward to the full game :)

Found a bug - when you use the knife on the picture above the shelf next to the fireplace, the game will crash due to a missing audio file.


Thank you so much!

Oh, shoot! Thankfully, that isn't important in moving forward in the game. So I guess you'll have to see what's behind that once I fix it. ;) I appreciate the heads up.


You're welcome :)

I love to dig for secrets in games and I'm delighted that there's at least one small secret that I've found, that so far none of the streamers seem to have caught (since I don't want to spoil it, I'll just say this much: it's a good idea to keep more than one save file ;) ).


Gave it a play, 2 part video series for the demo since I am typically thorough and read/examine so much, hah.

Nice, I hope you enjoyed exploring everything. I wanted to create a world people would like to search every nook and cranny of. I'm excited to watch your playthrough soon, when I have the chance. Thank you!


Gotta say like the game I am not sure how long this demo is but I liked the idea of what ya got here. I haven't come across any RPG maker horror games I have not liked. I hope to see more of this game as I may play more of it. 

That's awesome! Thank you for taking the time to play my game. Would it be alright if I shared your video on Twitter and tagged you?


Of course, thats what it's there for. Feel free to share it as I want to bring more people to see your games my friend. 


When will the full game be released? I'd love to play this on my stream!


That's great to hear! Optimally, I'd love to have it published in a few months. At the latest, the end of March.